Banquets and purges in USSR

Branko Milanovic reads a russian book on banquets hosted by Stalin over the years and the disappearance over time of the politburo guests, metaphoric political cannibalism

It also quotes a book on Nazi banquets High Society in the Third Reich by Fabrice d’Almeida

and Molotov’s memories Molotov Remembers: Inside Kremlin Politics

(unrelated but alliterated, Thiel has weird banquets with smart people and only entertains one fool, Trump  )

1984, and then the Handmaid

1984 was so common sense in 1984 that Apple made a spot on it

I tried and read Orwell’s “1984”like 3 times without success. O loved 1985 “The Handmaid’s Tale” by Margaret Atwood, which I only recently read.

Maybe 1984 was also the expiry date of Orwell’s book and Atwood appriopriately rewrote a dystopic totalitarian future which is still actual today

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radical markets

chapter 1 COST common ownership self-assessed tax

Texas shootout:

Harberger taxes

The Myerson–Satterthwaite theorem is among the most remarkable and universally applicable negative results in economics—a kind of negative mirror to the fundamental theorems of welfare economics. It is, however, much less famous than those results or Arrow’s earlier result on the impossibility of satisfactory electoral systems.

curio: Vitalik Buterin on radical markets