parallel reading

Arctic by Lopez read in parallel with Dispossed by Le Guin, both give me great pleasure, escapade from reality and utopia

I started How Fascism Works by Stanley first, then I started The Curse of Bigness by Wu which goes down faster, Two facets of the same problem, I like both

On Audible I am listening to the Odissey, irregular listening not doin much driving lately.As i progress I read some of La Mente Colorata by Citati, a pleasure to read, such rich language

Also, I stalled a bit in reading PhiKal by Shulgin and I also started and currently moving slowly on Pollan Come cambiare la tua Mente, in Italian, both book on psycheledics

What else? I am sure I have some other book in progress but I can’t recall right now which one, I should search in the app

Oh well yes,I started a book on venture capitalist, Sand Hill Road by Kupor and Algorithms to live by Christian, behaviourism, improve yourself, of suggestion by my son. Bit out of luck lately, these books


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