Sunday reading 21 11 2021

Antropology, Anarchism by Graeber, mailing list on the Dawn of Everything, and I am on “beyond the Monastic Self” where Graeber talks about the 7-second conscience span and send the reader to Maurice Bloch for more neurological basis to this. SO it’s the paragrpah “A theory of Mind” on chapter 7 of Bloch’s book “In and Out of Each Other’s Bodies: Theory of Mind, Evolution, Truth, and the Nature of the Social” – Fake belef task experiment

7 seconds consciousness, Graeber quotes geographer Nigel Thrift, who quotes philosopher Mervin Donald

Looking for sources in Google I found this “Decades of timing research supports a “minimally sufficient” duration for time consciousness somewhere in the seconds’ range (Fraisse 1984; Pöppel 1989, 1997; Varela 1999; Wittmann 2011; Kent 2019), but most theories and methodologies in consciousness science only focus on the hundreds-of-milliseconds’ range (Northoff and Lamme 2020)” but I do not know this is the same thing Graebr mentions

tail risk: solar storms

a 3d

Carringotn Event:

A destructive solar storm that missed us by 9 days in 2012

Ever stronger solar storm in 775 detected from a peak in carbin-14, the Miyake Event

Clima Politico

invece del #clima faccio un post di pubblica utilità sul #climaPolitico, segnatevi queste cose, la politica dell’emergenza climatica si giocherà tra Fascisti Fossili, Leninisti Ecologici e Prezzatori di Carbonio

Fascismo fossile? ce n’è ancora poco ma crescerà, non vi dico dove travarlo, lui troverà voi

Al centro chi crede nel libero mercato vuole il carbon pricing, i marketplace per il permessi di emettere, perchè il price signal porterà l’equilibrio. IMF e consenso di Washington

dall’altra parte invece si pensa ci sia bisogno di politiche industriali, quelli del GREEN New DEal vogliono rifare la mobilitazione della second guerra mondiale, invece i il Green Leninism preferisce guardare al Lenin nel 1919.-21, quello di potere dei soviet e elettrificazione

Però si può anche parlare di Carbofascismo e pensare che la soluzione sia una Armata Verde a-la-Troztky come dice Mark Alizart

insomma, c’è da risolvere il clima, ma il clima politico è tutto un throwback al secolo scorso

Zuck and the bicameral mind

So Zuckerberg rebrands himself to Meta

This is because he wants to build the Metaverse

Where did he get the Metaverse from ?

Neal Stephenson cyberpunk classic “Snowcrash”

in Snowcrash the internet is actually a road and is called the metaverse

In Snowcrash there is also the sumerain goddess enki and the bicameral mind

I say no more, read it, I don’t wanna spoil it for you

The bicameral mind was inspired to Neal by Julian Jaynes, an american psychologist

today it is still an amazing book, go read it

and be aware, Homer does not exist, I hope it is not a Santa Claus type of trauma for you

and BTW, does Zuck knows about all this ?

Culture, Kayaks

“Societies’, wrote Mauss, ‘live by borrowing from each other, but they define themselves rather by the refusal of borrowing than by its acceptance” (..)

“Cultures were, effectively, structures of refusal.” (..) “It’s easy enough to see how this could be true of aesthetics – styles of art, music or table manners – but surprisingly, Mauss found, it extended even to technologies which held obvious adaptive or utilitarian benefits. He was intrigued, for example, by the fact that Athabascans in Alaska steadfastly refused to adopt Inuit kayaks, despite these being self-evidently more suited to the environment than their own boats. Inuit, for their part, refused to adopt Athabascan snowshoes.”

so Inuit kayaks are superior to Athabascan kayaks. This was an excerpt of The Dawn of Everithing by Graeber and Wengrow and I am trying to understand in which way the inuit boat is superior to the athabascan one. Let’s see

Googling i get a plan of an athabascan canoe from a museum, it’s a birch bark canoe, open canoe it seems, link×11.pdf

Now the Inuit kayak is the closed kayak that everyone identifies with the traditional kayak, made of whale bones and covered of skins, I can imagine its better performance, slender and more agile better fit for hunting, photo from wikipedia. Reading around I gather thers is a great variety of Inuit kayaks in different areas of the Arctic. But then, which one is the best?

It is an Aleutian kayak the Russians named Bardaika, which I got to know reading Analogia by George Dyson, who loves this kind of kayak and helped the world rediscover it, becoming a producer. And by the way, theu are the best kayaks according to Dyson himself, but I believe.

“The Aleut kayak’s bifurcated bow attracted the most attention, but there was just as much genius in the design of its compound, truncate stern, evolved to facilitate planing at high speed and minimize the quarter wave, which often exacts more of a penalty than the bow wave in a high-speed craft.” (..) “Fifteen years after the last baidarka left Nikolski, I was twelve years old, living in New Jersey, and began building a crude wood-framed kayak, oblivious to the ten thousand years of accumulated knowledge that was evaporating, at that very moment, four thousand miles away. I could have gone to Nikolski, Unalaska, or Atka and learned from the last of the master builders who were still alive at the time, instead of stumbling around on my own.” This is from Dyson’s book.

From wikipedia “A prominent feature of a baidarka is its forked bow (bifurcated bow). Very lightweight and maneuverable, it was made out of seal skin sewed only by Aleut women, over a frame made strictly of drift wood (since no trees grow in the Aleutian Islands), bone, and sinew. It was treated as a living being by Aleut men, and it was taboo for women to handle them once completed.”

I took the picture from the site of this producer of beautiful wooden baidarkas

Dyson’s Baidarka company website with a lots of beautiful pictures and a builder’s journal

personal nodes

I have this idea that I should be able to export my content from any platform I use to a personal node, a personal online backup or home. Whatever, implment thos bloody API’s, what are those for ?

If I get it right, Winer takes on the problem from the opposite side “writing on the node and syndicating it everywhere”

“If we had a good scripting tool for the internet as a whole, then we could pull together all our creations, so at least we could archive, index and make them searchable.”

Cory Doctorow ha s a good 3d on Facebook deficiencies

in the 3d I found (but I don’t know if you manage to find it too, it was a sub 3d of replies” Doctorow’s “Adversarial Inrteroperability”

I’d be happy to have simply the reverse, whenever I write something around, I have the option of easy backing up on my node, in a repurposable format.

BTW adversarial interoperability does not need API’s, it would use directly my logins on the various plaftorms to perform what I instruct my node to do. alt.usenet story, alt stands for alternative or “Anarchists, Lunatics, and Terrorists”? What FUD stands for ? Cory ha the Usenet story on EFF

epistemic collapse

there’s lots of fake news and useless experts and pundits, but we have the internet and we had the chance to get to understand the pandemics and do our share, if you think you’re drowning in it than you hould try harder to navigate the news, do not ask for somebody else to control it for you

Asking Facebook to moderate and censor because you are drowning in it is the wrong way, let us preserve freedom of speech on the internet and rather break up facebook, better put create the conditions for more competition on the web, breakup silos patforms and re enable protocols.

lockdown is 1 year old and it has been a year of fake news and experts at large but if you feel overlwhelmed by both, think twice, thanks to the free circulation of ideas and inforamtion, and the Internet, it was possible to find the better course of action for ourselvers (governents) not really.

So going back to fake news, if you think the solution is having Facebook & friends policing content, wrong, they are the problem and we have to preserve freedom of speech, while creating again competition and innovation on the Internet. Antitrust action, not regluation of the Internet.

but then if you really had an epistemic collapse this last year, I feel you but you should asking for more education, more school, more university, not le freedom of speech on the web. Being informed is our duty, in democracy. It’s the dictator that thinks for you, in dictatorship

Brain, Bayes and LSD

(it resounds Sex, Lies and Videotapes, must rewatch)

Our brain is a Bayes machine, senses are not passive recording of the outisde, what they record got checked against the brain’s priors and the result is our perception, which is not a perfect copy of outside we sense.

LSD can relax priors opening up all the beautiful things of expanded percepetion of reality, hallucinations and all sort of universal and mystic things. Anarchic brain, whatever it means, anarchy outside ? For now we should use it in therapy on mental illness

Scott draw a parallel LSD and the Shannafra sword, the author of the papers use the metallurgical metaphor “annealing”. Scotto goes on evoking the machine learning multidimensional landscape of function with local optima where you want to reach the absolute optimum. Well, it takes energy to climb out of the through to the peak and try the next through. LSD flattens the peaks so it take less to go for a better minimum.

Related, Bernhardt in Quantum Computing for beginners, about simulated annealing describes it like giving a lot of energy in a process where energy goes down, high energy get you out of a local minimum, lower energy then is not enough to get you back to the previous minimum ut enough to maybe jump over more peaks and find a better minimum

When you relax priors maybe you start accepting belief that could socially be out of range, funny, it happened to many pioneers

Given the wide range of funny beliefs that the internet has put under the spotlight, isn’t that someone has tampered with the water supply and we are all under the influence of psychedelics? MK-Ultra, history channel


oggi si insedia Biden, contro tutte le attese. Trump era il favorito ma sta lasciando la casa bianca. la causa, interamente la disumana risposta di trump alla crisi del covid.

Il Covid, uno “shortcut” al successo elettorale, dicui si è avvataggiato biden. shortcut come nella terminologia dei videogames

“passaggi/livelli tortuosi che apparentemente non servono a niente, solo a mettere in difficoltà il giocatore e, forse sulla via, aumentare la sua esperienza.Spesso alla fine di questi “livelli” c’è un porta o un accesso che avvicina due luoghi altrimenti lontani. Si trovano frequentemente presso siti di grande difficoltà per il giocatore, ad esempio alle porte di una stanza del boss.” 8hochiesto ammiofiglo9

Insomma lo shortcut alla Presidenza lo ha preso Biden. Ma il Covid ha anche offerto uno shortcut al successo economico

.Il successo economico, un tema così complesso e dibatutto che a più di 2 secoli dal primo libro di economia “ever”, quello di Adam Smith  “The Wealth of Nations” ancora non c’è un ricetta sicura vrso la ricchezza delle nazioni

Ma in pandemia Covid la ricetta c’era, test6trace, distanziamento, soppressione del virus mantenendo l’conomia apertail più a lungo possibile. Loshortcut al successo economico l’hanno preso la Cina e il Vietnam, con metodi e gradazioni diversi anche altri paesi

Non l’Italia, moratlità e calo del pil tra i peggiori, l’economia italiana di nuovo buttata indietro di un decennio. oggi conte, forte de unamaggioranza relativa al senato,insediail suo terzo mandato,o si considera ancora il conte 2′. ancora una volta una occasione mancata, una riprova della crisi di un paese di un sistema, a tutti i livelli, politica, amministrazione pubblica, società civile,laddove invece poteva diventare una più 2facile2 occasione di riscatto, unoshortcut al successo.