from ice-nine to Navalny

powerful nanoscale chemicals, shape-shifting crystals that infect other crystals, ice-nine after all can happen, the AIDS drugs Ritonavir that was lost to this mechanism

derek lowe on Perverse Polymorphism


“Thy­mos is the side of man that deliberately seeks out struggle and sacrifice, that tries to prove that the self is something better and higher than a fearful, needy, instinctual, physically determined animal. Not all men feel this pull, but for those who do, thymos cannot be satisfied by the knowledge that they are merely equal in worth to all other human beings.”

“Those who remain dissatisfied will always have the potential to restart history,” Fukuyama observes, simply because “the virtues and ambitions called forth by war are unlikely to find expression in liberal democracies.” 

as per revolutions, started by disgruntled middle class in want of upward mobility, see also Urchin

“Those who remain dissatisfied will always have the potential to restart history,” Fukuyama observes, simply because “the virtues and ambitions called forth by war are unlikely to find expression in liberal democracies.” 

senescence in society and organism

you ought to pay respect to elder components of your society, should you also respect older components of your body, senescent cells that spread inflammation and disease ?

Unity enters phase 1 of its molecule that targets and kills senescence cells, senescent cell therapy

Nature just published a novel application of CAR-T therapy targeting senescent cells from A16

Managerial concept I missed

the whale ! Customer Profitability Whale Curve (found on the Management Myth

Cash Conversion Cycle (negative for Apple),into%20cash%20flows%20from%20sales.

Trailing Free Cash Flow FCF’s%20free%20cash,over%20a%20period%20of%20time.&text=A%20trailing%20twelve%20month%20FCF,from%20the%20previous%20twelve%20months.

“Amazon is run for cash, not net income. Jeff Bezos always says that he runs it for ‘trailing 12 months’ absolute free cashflow’, not net income”

New Cold War

TikTok wars, the tech perspective

the political eye, a former S’pore Prime Minister

funny how the technologist can go fully ideological in its conclusion while the politician sees ample rooms for continuing relations, not really a cold war, wrong metaphors shan’t be used because they might be self-fulfilling

curves, innovation curves of all sorts

Gartner Hype cycle

jazzed up version of traditional Everett Rogers’ diffusion of innovations

this was the trigger

and this is Carlota Perez curve which puts together technology and finance in a play of coupling and decoupling in the installation and deployment phases

carlota perez cycle

I guess it owes something to Kondratiev, that originally was a theory of cycles in commodity prices over long periods (like 60-80 years)

and I wonder the relationships with Urchin Secular cycles more of 2 to 3 centuries due to demographic factors

Screenshot 2020-07-16 at 14.48.10


invention and implementation

are different, it’s like having an idea and selling it

Greeks had a steam engine, more a steam turbine, aelopyle. The stem engine arrived in 18th century England

Actually it wasn’t only the steam to do the work, the steam created the void and the air did the work in the Newcomen engine. And it was at some point economical only because coal mines flooded and so there was a lot of coal with non shipping costs.

The sumerian had the wheel, but only for toys. Maybe the economnics ewasn’t right. The middle east forgot the wheel in the middle age because four camels could be run by a man instead of a single chariot. The economics.

so, things look at us waiting to be discovered, we had gotten to the moon and still had not put wheels to luggages, implementation can be harder than invention

distilled of a chapter in Antifragile by Taleb and Anton Howes newsletter “Age of Invention: The Weight of Air” of July 3, 2020

sanità italiana e robustezza

la robustezza della sanità italiana di fronte al Covid-19:

ogni medico è un dirigente, immaginatevi la micorconflittualità

ogni reparto regna sovrano nella propria specialità, la collaborzione con altri reparti è optional

ogni opedale è indipendente nella gestione della propria risposta

il potere è parcellizzato al massimo e distribuito ai margini, dando la massima flessibilità di risposta

all’altro estremo 100mila medici si sono ritrovati in un gruppo Facebook a discutere di casi, terapie, problemi professionali di ogni tipo

Una magnifica strategia bimodale della gestione della risposta all’epidemia. A un estremo le decisioni prese sul campo, all’altro le decisione discusse nel forum più ampio, oltre il 40% dei medici

In mezzo, cosa ha fatto Speranza ? Gallera lo sappiamo, grazie ISS, belle infografiche, ma la lotta all0’epidemia l’hanno fatta i medici negli iospedali e l’hanno discusso su facebook, non nelle stanze dei ministeri, delle regioni, degli istituti superiori



Apple, Windows, strategy and product development

Steve Sinofsky, lead at MS dev team for Apple software, knows both worlds well

commenting on Apple switch to own silicon in Macs, toos 2 years, it is at once a short time for such a deep change affecting the entire product ecosystem, very long one if you think indeed you are committing an entire ecosystem to it and for 2 years you keep going whatever will happen

“16/ To execute requires everything in the company to operate as though strategy matters most. It means communication. Performance reviews and rewards. It means management top down reinforces it and isn’t “random” or “inconsistent”. That is so difficult internally. Painful even.”

15/ It is incredibly clear that everyone at Apple puts strategy requirements above anything “local”. When you wonder why there isn’t more new in Notes or why Mail is missing stuff it’s because supporting a multi-year strategy trumps individual teams and that’s a good thing.