Effective leadership, Graeber and war in Ukraine

this is zelenski when he was a comedian, playing Hava Nagila with his dick https://9gag.com/gag/arnyd3y

He also played president on Ukrainian TV and was easily elected one

and he is making an effective war leder. Now look across the frontline

Putin is the quintessential strong man, his chief spy boss is scared to talk to him and gets humiliated on live TV https://english.elpais.com/opinion/2022-02-23/the-russian-spy-boss-humiliated-by-putin.html

Putin, puffed up bu corticosteroids comes up ad paranoid leader sitting his generals across 12 meters of table speaking of a reverse grinch

his general have fed him plans, and who knows if those plans are effective or enacted at all. Did Putin ever read Tolstoj ? It’s all in there

Let’s jum back across the frontline, Zelensky is pretty much the king that egalitarian societies elect to face an unexpected situation, sometimes is jester, or the madman, yeah the comedian.


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