WW2 crucible of anthropocene

on the 75th of the end of world war 2, the new system that emerged is the one of the great accelertion, the crucible of anthropocene, by Adam Tooze https://foreignpolicy.com/2020/05/07/world-war-2-victory-day-russia-75th-anniversary/

75 Years After V-E Day, You Remember World War II Wrong



Covid and global warming

“What Covid-19 teaches is that it is not just the big picture that matters. So tightly knit is our global system that small failures of governance in a few crucial nodes can affect everyone on the planet.”

“On the one hand are the huge medical risks; on the other is a disastrous economic crisis. How can we make the trade-off? It is tempting to reject the choice as impossible or false. Not only is that not true, it also denies the fact that, under normal circumstances, we routinely engage in life and death trade-offs. Even in the most affluent societies, financially motivated decisions are made every day that decide the chances of death due to workplace accidents, pollution, car crashes, hospital funding, drug procurement and health insurance.”


Nuggetized writing (Tooze)

“So sharing has become a key element in my reading, and the trying to figure out what the interesting thing is that I want to share is a very good way of focusing your mind on what the core — I read a piece, so what are the three sentences here I want to cut and paste? Which is the graph that is really telling? And how do I nuggetize that into whatever it is — 280 characters? I found that, at this stage of my life, I know this isn’t necessarily the best way to read complicated philosophy of history, which I also spent a lot of time doing at various points in my career.”

for me it’s 1300 charcter short essay format of Linkedin, pretty much same psychological lever

from the conversation with Tyler Cowen https://medium.com/conversations-with-tyler/adam-tooze-tyler-cowen-covid-19-economics-46a9b28a2f59

Pessimism and positive thinking

Coronavirus phase 2

pessimism: antibodies not lasting, common cold coronavirus does not generate lasting antibodies, animal coronavirus creates trouble to vaccines https://twitter.com/statesdj/status/1252698979285991424

Positive thinkng, we can make a plan, Broad testing pun intended, Broad lab in Harvard https://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2020/03/broad-institute-races-to-enable-coronavirus-testing/hacked to make 1 million tampons a day,

Broad Institute races to enable coronavirus testing


Harvard plan to secure USA with tampons would cost 15 billion but actually worth, Roadmap to pandemic resilience https://ethics.harvard.edu/files/center-for-ethics/files/roadmaptopandemicresilience_updated_4.20.20_0.pdf

Propublia 3d on what to do: https://twitter.com/propublica/status/1253351877787467779

common sense considerations by an ex expatriate, no matter you think you re staying 6 months or 6 years make your place comfortable

phase 2 could last 12 months but also longe, a word of caution by Derek lowe. Let’s build up resilience like it could be 12 years, we won’t regret anyhow. WIn win

Money Machines and useless money in Covid times

2 money machines like no other are no more in times of Coronavirus

Renaissance down

Blitzscaling done for good?

In coronavirus times it’s loud the lack of blockchain solution to pandemia problems, like contact apps. The silence is loud we are used to being pitched all sorts of blockchain solution to real world problems we did not know we had, or we did not think we could not solve with othee means

And this is refreshing, why you have to make a money useful to be money ? Value and purchasing power aren’t enough. Really, sometimes I have used 10 Lire to open the batteries lid of RC caes but that’s it, it’s not what gives value to my coin

I Lombardi alla prima Pandemia

I Lombardi alla prima Pandemia, niente di epico finora, nessuno ci scriverà sù un’opera

il senso di sconfitta civile e morale di una regione che si immagina efficiente e all’avanguardia. Riportiamo le cifre di un disastro che non ha quasi uguali al mondo.

non è mancato l’eroismo (permettetemi la retorica della metafora bellica) ma come un esercito mandato al fronte senza strategia e logistica,  è stato il disastro. Ce l’hanno raccontato abbastanza ?

E’ mancata la leadership, costantemente un passo indietro, completamente avviluppati nell’OODA loop del Covid-19, pensate quanta è assurda questa cosa, perdere sul campo della strategia contro un piccolo ammasso di RA e proteine, nemmeno vivente che si sarebbe battuto col semplice principio di precauzione al momento giusto

Intanto piangiamo i morti, chi li ha uccisi il virus e chi li ha ucciso il nostro grande fallimento come comunità civile, nel proteggere la salute pubblica ? Alle procure l’ardua sentenza, come nella moda italiana.