Bundles and profits

sometimes you have to bundle different modules in order to deliver a good-enough product, it depends on technology and context, but those can change, the prodcut can be commoditised and a competitors can unbundle the product and compete on single modules. Where do the profits of integration go? Are they lost? Christensen states the law of conservation of attractive profits, under the new technology and market arrangements, opporutinity to re-intergate in contiguous modules of the value chain emerges and the profits will go to the new intergated product

So it is a cycle of bundling and unbundling with profits jumping from the bundled up to the unbundled and the the bundler again

There’s a business saying “In business, there are two ways to make money. You can bundle, or you can unbundle.”
– Jim Barksdale

“When attractive profits disappear at one stage in the value chain because a product becomes modular and commoditized, the opportunity to earn attractive profits with proprietary products will usually emerge at an adjacent stage. That is, the location in the value chain where attractive profits can be earned shifts in a predictable way over time.”

-Clayton Christensen

Jim Barksdale was Netscape CEO to the end, then secretly built the optic fiber cable linking Chicago to New York, shaving 3 millisecond in the transmission time, such a tiny speedup that only algorithimic traders could appreciate it. The way of market arbitrage are infinite, infinitely small

Mutual Aid

Kropotkin was no crakcpot this was biologist Stephen Jay Gould in 1988, mostly on the basis that K. built on the work of Russian biologists in the arctic and the taiga where you don’t get much competitive darwinism on which anglosaxon scholars have been fixated, with conseguent social darwinism ideas being derived

I found it on Graeber’s intro to a new edition of Kropotkin’s Mutual Aid

There I discovered Murray Bookchin, or maybe rediscovered? I had Post-scarcity Anarchism on some reading list, SF related, Bank’s Culture books I guess. What I did not know it is that he inspired the Rojava confedralism during the Syrian war.

From Gould: ” I like to apply a somewhat cynical rule of thumb in judging arguments about nature that also have overt social implications (..) I see no evidence for Teilhard’s noosphere, for Capra’s California style of holism, for Sheldrake’s morphic resonance. Gaia strikes me as a metaphor, not a mechanism. (Metaphors can be liberating and enlightening, but new scientific theories must supply new statements about causality. Gaia, to me, only seems to reformulate, in different terms, the basic conclusions long achieved by classically reductionist arguments of biogeochemical cycling theory.)


things that work in TMFTF:

aerosol in the atmosphere to increase albedo, maybe

ecoterrorism, defintely so

slowing glaciers by pumping out water at the bottom, keeping oil riggers happy

organic agriculture, overcoming modernism in agriculture. It also sequesters carbon in the fertile level of the ground

CQE Climate Quantitative Easing, creating a crypto and allocating it to carbon sequestration

wildlife corridors averywhere

upgraded management of water resources, generally caring for things rather than not

easier said than done, but moving away from capitalism will help

nations states will stay, central banks will take leadership in financing postcapitalismm with cretive money.

China will rush ahead of US

and yeah ! Diirigibles and blimps everywhere, hypertech sailboats with 7 masts, that’s the way to go

ITW with the author https://jacobinmag.com/2020/10/kim-stanley-robinson-ministry-future-science-fiction

crooked timber run a series of posts on the book, Robinson replied, start from his reply and you will find the 8 articles https://crookedtimber.org/2021/05/14/response-7/

There be (sumerian) dragons

Tricia verver, archeoplogist, tells the story of the Hazaras, Shia Muslims who have myths about dragons (and a very peculiar lake in their valley) Precarious Life: the fate of the Hazara people in Afghanistan.

A couple of weeks ago much riting on Afghanistan, a few explainer of the ethnic composition. In one I found this

some Pashtun Afghans officers who told me a story of a militant fighter they had captured right after the 2001 invasion who came from an isolated valley along the Pak-Afghan border.  This man, along with his tribe, believed the sun is a jewel vomited by a dragon each morning and then swallowed by that same dragon again on the other side of the world each night after the dragon has rushed under the (presumably flat) earth all day to catch it

Among Afghans: jewel of the dragon by Razib Kahn, reccomended

Dragons are sumerian, I understand. religions with pre-Islam myths still survive in the middle east, Dragons be one of those myths. You know the Mando and Mandalorians? Be aware that in the delta of the tigri and euphrtae there is a people called Mandeans with a peculiar iniziatic religion. There’s a book to tell their story, plus some other surviving Babilonian religions in the area.

A book: Heirs to the Forgotten Kingdoms by Gerard Russel – Goodreads

Another book, this time on Dragons and generally the depiction of monstrous creatures in history, or better, The fortune of dragons from the bronze age on 🙂

The Origins of Monsters: Image and Cognition in the First Age of Mechanical Reproduction by David Wengrow

from the bottom, one can still make the difference

forget rousseau democracy and the centralized, fake-modernist, ultimately a scam of the rousseau platform

a bit of direct digital government can be seen in action now on euthanasia and cannabis referendum, which can be signed digitally with Spid

Stefano Quintarelli got Spid approved in Parliament working on it over 3 years and 3 governments https://www.repubblica.it/tecnologia/2016/03/08/news/genesi_spid-135026906/

The Radicali, Associazione Luca Coscioni, Magi and Cappato got the parliament to approve the use of Spid for collocting signatures toward a new referendum https://www.repubblica.it/politica/2021/08/12/news/via_alla_firma_digitale_per_i_referendum_in_tre_ore_18_mila_adesioni_al_quesito_sull_eutanasia_transizione_digitale-313814641/

Spid is a public platform of digital identity https://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/SPID

When Standard decided to poison the world, a tragicomic beginning

Why did we use leaded petrol for so long?

“Facing sceptical reporters at a press conference in October 1924, Thomas Midgley dramatically produced a container of tetraethyl lead – the additive in question – and washed his hands in it.

“I’m not taking any chance whatever,” Midgley declared. “Nor would I… doing that every day.”

Midgley was – perhaps – being a little disingenuous. He had recently spent several months in Florida, recuperating from lead poisoning.”

Rejoice, the world just stopped using lead in petrol https://www.thepigeonexpress.com/toxic-leaded-petrol-now-eradicated-from-the-world-un-says/

though lead poisoning is still a problem https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lead_poisoning

poisoning epidemics happen for example connected to mining https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zamfara_State_lead_poisoning_outbreak

Alpine Glaciers

40% loss by 2050 already “committed”. Only 5% of current glaciers would survive in 2100 under RCP8..5 https://tc.copernicus.org/articles/13/1125/2019/

and the Mose in Venice, with 50 cm of sea level rise it will stay close 2 months, with 75 cm 6 months https://www.ilfattoquotidiano.it/2021/09/02/venezia-se-il-mose-gia-non-bastasse-piu-lo-studio-sullinnalzamento-del-livello-del-mare-tempi-di-chiusura-sempre-piu-lunghi/6307961/

It taskes 1,000 neurons (tech) to model a neuron (rat)

Deepmind built a DL model with 5 to 8 levels and up to a 1,000 nodes in order to forecast with 99% confidence the firing of a single rat neuron

How Computationally Complex Is a Single Neuron?

“If each biological neuron is like a five-layer artificial neural network, then perhaps an image classification network with 50 layers is equivalent to 10 real neurons in a biological network”

“the authors investigated which features of the pyramidal neuron inspired the much greater complexity in their five-to-eight-layer deep neural networks. They concluded that it came from the dendritic trees, and from a specific receptor that receives chemical messengers on the surface of the dendrites