DoE critic, non-binary and decolonization

Untenable History by Carolyn Nakamura a “radical” archeologist who has done 15 seasons at Cathalyouk and writes “Graeber and Wengrow certainly take some liberties, but they are unquestionably qualified to wade through and interpret such research. And they cover a staggering expanse of time and space. Given this gaping outlook, they do trim or omit many analyses and discussions that might snag or muddle their mission to demote the ideal of egalitarianism (past, present and future), wrest freedom from its Roman perversion, and reclaim the collective power of political choice and imagination.”

most of the critic is about the effort to rewrite history by forcing male-famale dualism into it and sort of seeing kandiarok and first people through the lens of colonization. Can’t say, haven’t read much

“we should not assume that Neolithic human figurines obeyed a rigid female/male binary, or that sex-based categories held the same meanings or importance as they do in many contemporary cultures”

Dawn effectively traps Kanadironk (along with other histories and cultures) within their history—history that is totalizing, imperial and colonial, and composed from shined up and lined up facts, if not exactly fiction”

biblio: Lisa Lowe. 2015. The Intimacy of Four Continents. Duke University Press, 136, n. 3.

BTW not really related but a reading of few days back “Compost the Colony,, Anarchist Decolonization”


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