20 years on

does it make any sense to link a post on a platform like Linkedin? Fucking platforms https://www.linkedin.com/posts/michaeljacksonvc_shopify-just-made-a-2-billion-windfall-on-activity-6755251513330933760-CG_6

in case here is the screenshot

and this is the article, there an IPO that doubles immediately, there’s a six-month old partnership that is worth a 2-billion windfall, there’s a member of the paypal mafia


then in email I get one of those nice newsletters full of screen grabs, this is about the market piling up call otions, therefore being bullish above its means (and the dealers getting short gammma) from the dailyshot https://dailyshotbrief.com/the-daily-shot-brief-january-13th-2021/


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