deplatforming plagued the 10s and in 2023 Nielsen reaserch found that the rate of deplatforming in the open internet reached the blocks behind the Chinese firewall

Unitl the great satellite hack got internet access in the wild. Was it a hack? Or was it engineered to be plausibly denied? Well, it happened that somebody got hold of the admin switch on Musk’s satellite constellation and locked him out, so it goes the story but of course you can’t fully believe it with all the antics on Twitter before he himself was deplatformed on somo freaky meme accident.

The satellite hack, is that credible? A satellite base station is hard, antenna and stuff, once you own it, more or less like in the beginning iran centrifugues were owned by stuxsnet, how can you keep running if some government wants to deplatform you there too ?

Did I mention to you that kids these days aren’t expleed from school, they are deplatformed from distance learning at impossible rates, were is the universality of education now ?

ANyway, now all the deplatformed of the world are inside the great satellite hack where no government cn reach you.


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