Libertarian orthodoxy

is guarded by Tyler Cowen

Say you trade crypto, eat paleo, do not wear masks because you are libertarian, be awre that Milton Friedman once said “significant neighborhood effects justify substantial public health activities: maintaining the purity of water, assuring proper sewage disposal, controlling contagious diseases”. Don’t be a bad neighbour, you can be at once libertarian and a good neighbour, wear your mask. More insights from Tyler:

The ideological shift of the libertarian movement on pandemics

Twitter kicked out Trump and maybe you think this is ahgainst freespeech, let’s not get into the specific matter, Tyler remarks that “Robert Nozick called for an archipelago of polities, each autonomously setting their own rules. Isn’t Twitter’s action quite consistent with this vision? Is the optimal libertarian equilibrium really one that adds centralized government regulation of tech platform speech codes?” More questions here:

Should Twitter have banned Trump?

taleb chips in on a read Hayek remark

UPDATE 13 jan2022 Taleb again, quotes again libertarian authority on vaccines, Jason Brennan author of Libertarianism, this is a 3d on how people speaking of “freedom” don’t get the complexity behind this concept and end up supporting completely illusory abstractions


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