real slim shady

the real slim shady please stand up 1; Amazon, a guy develops a tripod business worth 3,5 mio usd on amazon, amazon clones it with essential. Bad amazon, but it delivers 30% discount to consumers. The guy just designed and produced in china, no moat. Amazon replicates a good design and prodiuces in the same chinese plant, cheaper because of size. In the end that is the beauty of internet and globalization but an old ordoliberist like ne says “chinese wall” because it is the ugly of a company setting up a trap for you producer.

the real slim shady please stand up 2: Stihl does not advertise on facebook but chinese knockoffs do: Stihl complains but Facebook does nothing. Who are you kidding FB? Your admin panel can search Stihl keywords in no time and block the Chinese knockoffs. Likewise, if you had cared for your users instead just money, you could have searched and discovered the messages organizing the killings in Myanmar, just if wished it. So anyone out there, bring your justifications for saying Zuck is in the right, like free economy, profit is legal bruahahaha, I will look for any proof he is in the wrong because he is, customers come first and Facebook first customers are users and they come first of the first, call it stakeholder instead of shareholder value, Facebook could have built itself to stop genocides while it did not, facebook is in this respect criminal in his exploitation of users and must be stopped


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