citizen investor

Homoploutia is the situation where the same people (homo) are rich (ploutia) in terms of both labor and capital income. We measure it by the share of top decile capital-income earners who are also in the top decile of labor income.

First finding: Homoploutia has increased considerably since 1950, from about 10% to 30%, most notably in the past 35 years.

Second finding: The rising labor income inequality during the 1970s and 1980s fueled the increase in homoploutia. Either through higher saving leading to higher capital income, or higher incentives to participate in the labor force for the capital-income rich.

Third finding: in turn, rising homoploutia acted to increase (total) income inequality, accounting to 2 percentage points (or 20%) of the rising top 10% income share from 1986 to 2020. It may have played a bigger role in increasing US inequality than the capital share.

Interesting 3d here

related, K shaped recovery in Coronatimes, where educated people with stock holdings are doing well, while no-degree workers in hospitality type works with no savings take the brunt of it all

also related, the growing importance of startups, unicorns etc which give options at early stages making both well paid and capital rich employes

The idea would be to teach pupils about savings, investments, taking and managing risks, using all the tools to buy and sell financial isntruments which are readily available today. The citizen investor, teaching kids to a better economic and financial position in the world.

Related, in 1948 this movie was shown to high school freshmen

This movie was shown to seniors about judging and discernment


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