Are billionaires evil?

Paul Graham, who says his job is making billionaires, can say that billionaires are not bad people and goes on explaining why:

Why did he fgeel compelled to say that? It must ll the breakup Facebook bruahahaha that is digging dirt from the social network which seems having been 100% profit making so something bad might have happened. You might be disgruntled as a user when you see your friends ganging up on some screwerd up cause, but if you are minority in a country and the cause is killing you you might hold more of a grudge against Zuck, if you manage to survive, that is.

Anyway, are you a communist that denies the right of entrepreneurs to make profit? Not so easy

But the post need not be on Facebook, I wanted to pin something on why orgnizations like companies screwup.

The Gervais Principle or the office according to The Office

more to come


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