reading oct 14th

today IEA Global Energy Outlook 2021 I only read te executive summary and they are bullish green electrification and worried low investements, growth CO2 emissions, scenarios for 2.1 and 2.6 degrees warming in 2100

bullis, they got the accelerating adoption of EV cars and renewable propelled by low costs. New paradigm building? How far we are in Carlota Perez tech revolutions framework ?

Strateachery reads Carlota Perez

New York State, EVs, renewables and the grid, ain’t smart won’t be enough


reading oct 13th 2021

paleogenetics: in 2000 the story as, there’s a long line of devlopement, Neanderthal lost, we are at the top. Today with paleogenetics, 100k years all sorts of different human species, a bottleneck 60k years ago

Uno studente di Graeber racconta la persona e le sue idee. Titoli che non ha usato “come fossimo già liberi” e “We ve neve been stupid” meglio di “The Dawn of Everything”

found again an old Franzen on climate hange, now that I am reading Crossroads “Call me a pessimist or call me a humanist, but I don’t see human nature fundamentally changing anytime soon. I can run ten thousand scenarios through my model, and in not one of them do I see the two-degree target being met.”