reading oct 13th 2021

paleogenetics: in 2000 the story as, there’s a long line of devlopement, Neanderthal lost, we are at the top. Today with paleogenetics, 100k years all sorts of different human species, a bottleneck 60k years ago

Uno studente di Graeber racconta la persona e le sue idee. Titoli che non ha usato “come fossimo già liberi” e “We ve neve been stupid” meglio di “The Dawn of Everything”

found again an old Franzen on climate hange, now that I am reading Crossroads “Call me a pessimist or call me a humanist, but I don’t see human nature fundamentally changing anytime soon. I can run ten thousand scenarios through my model, and in not one of them do I see the two-degree target being met.”


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