epistemic collapse

there’s lots of fake news and useless experts and pundits, but we have the internet and we had the chance to get to understand the pandemics and do our share, if you think you’re drowning in it than you hould try harder to navigate the news, do not ask for somebody else to control it for you

Asking Facebook to moderate and censor because you are drowning in it is the wrong way, let us preserve freedom of speech on the internet and rather break up facebook, better put create the conditions for more competition on the web, breakup silos patforms and re enable protocols.

lockdown is 1 year old and it has been a year of fake news and experts at large but if you feel overlwhelmed by both, think twice, thanks to the free circulation of ideas and inforamtion, and the Internet, it was possible to find the better course of action for ourselvers (governents) not really.

So going back to fake news, if you think the solution is having Facebook & friends policing content, wrong, they are the problem and we have to preserve freedom of speech, while creating again competition and innovation on the Internet. Antitrust action, not regluation of the Internet.

but then if you really had an epistemic collapse this last year, I feel you but you should asking for more education, more school, more university, not le freedom of speech on the web. Being informed is our duty, in democracy. It’s the dictator that thinks for you, in dictatorship


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