personal nodes

I have this idea that I should be able to export my content from any platform I use to a personal node, a personal online backup or home. Whatever, implment thos bloody API’s, what are those for ?

If I get it right, Winer takes on the problem from the opposite side “writing on the node and syndicating it everywhere”

“If we had a good scripting tool for the internet as a whole, then we could pull together all our creations, so at least we could archive, index and make them searchable.”

Cory Doctorow ha s a good 3d on Facebook deficiencies

in the 3d I found (but I don’t know if you manage to find it too, it was a sub 3d of replies” Doctorow’s “Adversarial Inrteroperability”

I’d be happy to have simply the reverse, whenever I write something around, I have the option of easy backing up on my node, in a repurposable format.

BTW adversarial interoperability does not need API’s, it would use directly my logins on the various plaftorms to perform what I instruct my node to do. alt.usenet story, alt stands for alternative or “Anarchists, Lunatics, and Terrorists”? What FUD stands for ? Cory ha the Usenet story on EFF


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