Brain, Bayes and LSD

(it resounds Sex, Lies and Videotapes, must rewatch)

Our brain is a Bayes machine, senses are not passive recording of the outisde, what they record got checked against the brain’s priors and the result is our perception, which is not a perfect copy of outside we sense.

LSD can relax priors opening up all the beautiful things of expanded percepetion of reality, hallucinations and all sort of universal and mystic things. Anarchic brain, whatever it means, anarchy outside ? For now we should use it in therapy on mental illness

Scott draw a parallel LSD and the Shannafra sword, the author of the papers use the metallurgical metaphor “annealing”. Scotto goes on evoking the machine learning multidimensional landscape of function with local optima where you want to reach the absolute optimum. Well, it takes energy to climb out of the through to the peak and try the next through. LSD flattens the peaks so it take less to go for a better minimum.

Related, Bernhardt in Quantum Computing for beginners, about simulated annealing describes it like giving a lot of energy in a process where energy goes down, high energy get you out of a local minimum, lower energy then is not enough to get you back to the previous minimum ut enough to maybe jump over more peaks and find a better minimum

When you relax priors maybe you start accepting belief that could socially be out of range, funny, it happened to many pioneers

Given the wide range of funny beliefs that the internet has put under the spotlight, isn’t that someone has tampered with the water supply and we are all under the influence of psychedelics? MK-Ultra, history channel


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