the great divergence

on the same day, BTC close to 50k USD and reading this in my inbox:

“getting money into the market was pretty hard. You need USDCoins, a stablecoin related to Ethereum. Polymarket tries to let you buy them directly, but their app wanted me to give them a security code which never showed up, so I gave up on this. Instead I bought some USDC at Coinbase and tried to send them over. But along with the usual Ethereum gas fees, they have something called a relayer, which is supposed to collect my money and put it in my account. And it’s apparently heavily backed up, and after two days my money is nowhere to be seen (though I believe them when they say that they’re trying their hardest and it will probably percolate through the Ethereum network someday). ” (that ws metaculus day on Astral Code, prediction market seems a perfdect application for blockchain)

but still the blockchain gold keeps climbing but useful applications seems nowhere to be found, at least for me who I’d be eager to move onto decetralized web.

Also corporate application of the watered down blockchains are going nowhere

But I would not quetion BTC value, and Dogecoin value. I had expected that this value would have unlocked a new web for us users but uktemately it unlocked new users in the traditional web.

The Coursera course in finance, the Nobel prize professor tells of Carnegie, the job of an investor is getting rich young and then devote to charity. This is a perfect sensible advise, a perfect acceptable career and it is probably what is going on the blockhains. BTC is the gold, hordes of hodlers pumped up on the same FOMO of social networks, The master of Twitter plays along.

so the value of an asset if the social construct of the beliefs held by the particpants to that market, blahblahblah but that’s the idea. If they had set to a finite number the banknotes in the mmonopoly game, the cardboard one, no digital and told you that if anough poeple bought it you could get rich and overturn the central banks. WoW could have done it. Well BTC is decentralized and better, though maybe Monopoly and Wow are more fun.

This is the great divergence, the price is there, is there some fun on the blockchain ?


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