TFP (total factor productivity, what the hell is it)

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“For centuries, remember, Italians looked up in wonder at the cupola of the Pantheon, the arches of the dry aqueducts, and wondered how they had been built. ”

Things that depresses TFP, for future reference. TFP is often quoted as the problem but really seems an epiphenomenon. From Noahopinion

A critique of TFP that I shoiuld read

Also, TFP as a proxy of economic success, a measure of ignorance (cit Moses Abramovitz) Why do countries differ in TFP?

UPDATE 21-04-22: Tyler Cowen says that TFP is really the residual we have since innovation and investement are not the same thing. Here he commments a study that says TFP is additive, grows linearly while Gdp grows exponentially at least lately. Breaks in linear growth happen with mass electrification in the 30’s USA, and with 1st and 2nd industrial revolution in UK


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