the net generation will call them …

Gamestoppers they are the ones who face reality with the POV of a shooter, don’t move without the company of the posse met on the shittiest server of that box game, nothing moves them more than defending a meme or trope o childhood memory

you are trying to get rich not working and check on reddit7stockpicks, you see your beloved childhood brand being destroyed by a short seller, I mean tha place where you would swap used disks and get rebates on your old console. How dare they?

you shortsquezze them with your reddit buddies and of course, 19th century sotckmarket meets a videogame mob of last generation, who wins?

so you deserve to be the gamestopper, I am sure that bodes well for the future, your older brothers complain that boomers fucked the planet for them, you will stop their games, WTF it is videogame mob of last generation against thos 20th century types. And the fund they call them Citron, losers

and because it is cool now in tech world to quote the most ridicuolous book of the last century, Fukuyama end of history, I quote it, this is the hyperthymic generatiopn, google the term and you know what to expect

maybe you want to read the facts not the rant


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