the problem is AI or monopolies ?

reasoning on this, it is like shared economy workers, new app-dependent freelancers are digging their won grave by working with Uber.

App economies give increasing return to scale, capital piles up into winners, dominant positions are achieved and used to push labor-saving autonomy technologies that are not yet developed nor ready for market. Dominant position in this way have a distortionary effect which will have self-fulfilling effects on employment.

But in the end it is not just automation and AI to create unemployment, it will be monopolies striving for labor-saving technologies while resources could have been used to augmenting solutions.


here Huawei founder seems to suggest that AI will bring industrial advantage back to countries most educated with most capital to spend, a polarization in international economic performance, where Switzerlad with robots will produce like a country of 80 millions, Germany like a 800 million contry etc. One order of magnitude, exponential technology. While less “developed” countries (less capital, less skills) will keep producing things not apt for robots and achieve le scale/network economies.

(ITW is here



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