Interoperability Cory Doctorow edition

I am so happy Cory is spelling this need of interoperability for me, without him I would be left feeling vaguely angry at things the way they go on the internet while now I have a much clearer idea.

The great news is that a bill named The ACCESS act was introduced to House Judiciary Committe in the US, “a bill to force interoperability on the biggest tech platforms,” more from Cory here:

The proposed changes to the ACCESS act allow me to see in details the main problem of interop legislations, here

also Cory wrote unsurprisingly a SF story centered arounf interoperability: “Inside the Clock Tower: An Interoperability Story”


access to cyberspace

internet barons getting rich via internet platform of billions of users somehow do not trust the internet as it is and enjoy themselves with fancy projects of ariborne points of access which can do without relying on Telcos, without their digging trenches and building aerials.

Facebook built drones offering connectivity, cancelled in 2018, google blimps just cancelled

Was it for some cyberpunkish attempt to free their platforms from regulated telcom space? Make they cyberspace untouchable?

In the end the only one who could really do that is Musk with his constellation of satellites. Satellites are more intangible to government that either drones or blimps in the airspace