Dawn of Everything reviews

Flesh and Blood by Harper is a review centering on familiy, violence and torture, parallel France and Wendat, and the play of domination and care in human relations, how we are stauvck in a world that confuses the two

Human History gets a Rewrite this is the review with the iconic upside down pyramid that got shared in the days taking to the launch. If I well remember, mostly about how Wendat inspired Illuminism and the revision of Rousseau myth

David Graeber Knew Ordinary People Could Remake the World yet to read, I already read some Ongaro’s article in Italian on Graeber and I liked it, he has been a student of his at LSE

The Dawn of Everything by David Graeber and David Wengrow review – inequality is not the price of civilisation graeber vs. harari, fukuyama and the stages of human history

Early Civilizations Had It All Figured Out DoE versus Hebbesian Pinker and Rousseauian Harari. ““The Dawn of Everything” is a lively, and often very funny, anarchist project that aspires to enlarge our political imagination by revitalizing the possibilities of the distant past.” A funny bit “Graeber and Wengrow neglect to mention their strongest rivals: the science fictions of writers such as Kim Stanley Robinson”

The Radical Promise of Human History Boston Review


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