Hydrogen post

Hydrogen elctrolysis can be economic efficient in a scenario of abundant renewables generation and carbon tax. Froma tweetstorm, full of useful charts https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1176451011600441344.html

Blue Hydrogen is the cheapest option to decarbonise heavy industries. Green hydrogen more stringent on electricity cost and/or hydrolysis learning curve https://energypolicy.columbia.edu/research/report/low-carbon-heat-solutions-heavy-industry-sources-options-and-costs-today

Report IEA “The future of Hydrogen” https://www.snam.it/it/hydrogen_challenge/report_iea/

Report SNAM-McKinsey “THE HYDROGEN CHALLENGE: The potential of hydrogen in Italy” https://www.snam.it/it/hydrogen_challenge/studio_mckinsey/”

Eurelectric Decarbonisation Pathways https://www.eurelectric.org/decarbonisation-pathways/


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