monopoly? protection of locked-in customer

Why on earth the debate on Facebook has been framed as monopoly and breaking the monopoly ? The internet is infinite so there will be no monopoly.

Rather, social networks structurally lock in their users, let’s talk about abusing locked-in users and acting against facebook in order to protect the rights of locked-in users. In the end we should be talking of ownership od data, social graphs etc

This guy claims instead that Facebook  should be regulated as a monopsony of our attention, but in this case isn’t the monopsony a consequence of the more fundamental lock-in mechanics? He cares for the effect on media monetization though ” The problem there is that Facebook has also usurped much of those outlets’ advertising, negating the monetization potential of the very distribution they provide. (That’s largely the result of an advertising paradigm that Google created and Facebook expanded on, which flipped the power in advertising from publishers selling audiences—the readers of a publication—to advertisers targeting specific individuals based on their own data, or that of intermediaries like Facebook. The publisher went from a media price-setter to a price-taker, and prices plunged.) ”


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