Quantum reads oct 27th

Sabine Hossenfelder continues her crusade against Quantum theory: Who is Killing Physics

Arguments about quantum theory incosistencies:

“The most remarkable of those recent arguments is perhaps the Frauchinger-Renner paradox, which demonstrates that quantum mechanics cannot consistently describe the use of itself. If you imagine observers observing observers, Daniela Frauchinger and Renato Renner showed that in some cases the observers cannot agree on what happened – if quantum mechanics is correct. It’s simply not fit to be a fundamental theory of nature.

Another milestone has been a no-go theorem for theories that may underlie quantum mechanics. In 2012, Matthew Pusey, Jonathan Barrett, and Terry Rudolph proved that certain completions of quantum mechanics – that is, theories from which quantum mechanics might derive – are impossible. Now, this may sound like a negative result, but no-go theorems are incredibly helpful for theory development because they narrow down possible options.”

At the end of the article I find this one by John Horgan, science book writer: My Quantum Experiment

science book writer in the sense he is a write, a journalist writing books and no scientist, but eventually, in lockdown, he decided to study quantum mechanics, really study it, its mathematics, in order to unrstend the theory. Pretty much what I intended to do myself last year and now I am a bit stuck, maybe it’s time to start over


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