Remdesivir (Veklury)

NYtimes writes of this questionable blockbuster Gilead’s Covid-19 Drug Is Mediocre. It Will Be a Blockbuster Anyway.

EU made a deal for 30,000 tretaments paying 63 mio € or €2100 per patient treated, this was back in July

Apparently the EU made another deal with Gilead in October just one week before the Solidarity trial results came out, speaking of bricks in the box, the agreement lock a bricks price of about $2400 per patient treated (up to 500,000 pat, but no EU country is under obligation to buy

Other price points I found on Google:

In US after FDA authorisation the government will buy at prices between 2340 and 3200 USdollars

Remdevisir was licensed if I well remeber in Bangladesh and maybe also India so there is another price point, this time the name is Cipremi and prices about €65 per vial (that would make 300 per course)


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